Fairlytalle: A business that respects people and the environment

"The idea behind Fairlytalle is to solve a problem without creating others. I believe a lot of us have been having troubles for a long time to quickly being able to pick clothes and accessories with a clear conscience in a shop somewhere. Instead I wonder ''Will I be a part of the problem by buying this piece or will I be a part of the solution?'' Feeling 100% sure about the purchase of a fashion item has been an overwhelming challenge, but no more." - Karoline, Founder & CEO of Fairlytalle


We own the power of change

Our money has power, every penny we have counts, we just need to decide what kind of power we are giving to it. That is step one, step two is understanding how can you legitimate this power and step three is acting on it. 
Looking at shop or brand and understanding how your money is being used by them, who are the ones profiting from it, is it just the few on the top management or fair wages and good working conditions are being provided to everyone involved? 

The Fashion Industry is one the most cruel and polluting industries in the world. It Is not by coincidence that Transparency is extremely rare in this business and information on Supply Chain is hard to find. No one wants you to know what goes on behind the scenes because if you did, you would no longer be a part of it. I can assure you that. Instead what is shown to you are beautiful happy people, looking just like you, having a wonderful time with their products that you can have access to for unrealistic prices without our wondering how is that even possible?

We live in a time were information is so easily accessible and at the same time so hard to get accurately. Nobody wants to spend their little free time doing research on every product we want to buy, its just not possible and not motivating. That is why we need to trust brands, shops and people to do the right thing and to make information easily available.

The true cost of Fast Fashion

The first reaction to "Why do you buy from Fast Fashion brands?" is often "because I can't afford sustainable clothes that are just as cute as my favourite cheap brands". I understand this reaction, it might even seem obvious but I am here to show you that it is actually not.

Buying from Fast Fashion is actually more expensive. Let's leave aside costs beside money for a second. When you buy cheap clothes you know you are not buying quality and durability, the idea is to buy something that is cute today but soon it won't be anymore and you won't feel bad trowing it away after washing it a couple of times or donating it without knowing where it is actually going to. Fast Fashion brands are so powerful because they are tricking us into thinking we are saving money.

Lets take the following example: Client A goes to a Sustainable and High Quality shop and buys a beautiful dress for $100. She knows that dress will last for years and that she can style it in many different ways, there is no need for her to go back in a few days and buy another dress, she can if she wishes to though. Client B goes to a Fast Fashion brand and buys 3 dresses that are similarly cute because they cost less than $20 each, so why not? After a few washes the dresses have lost their colors and don't look so good anymore, maybe the sewing is not that good either... In a month or so, client B already needs to go back and buy other dresses as the ones she got are no longer usable, and in a few months she does the same, and it goes on forever as a cycle. After just a couple of months, she ended up spending a lot more than client A, she wasted more time, she produced a lot more fashion waste, polluted a lot more, used a lot more packaging, generated more CO2 due to shipping and transportation, and she certainly explored people in developing countries to their bones.   

Be the change you want to see

Today, I invite you to re-think your fashion habits. To reinvent yourself in that matter. 

Step by step we can change things for the better, with less judgement and more kindness. We can say no to the illusion of cheap, to the exploration of women in Asian sweatshops, we can say no to dumping chemical waste on rivers needed by local communities to survive, no to mass production and burning of unsold goods, no to child labor, to forced labor, to salaries below living wage. We can say no to cruelty and the degradation of the environment.
At the same time we can say yes to quality, to Fair Trade, to Organic materials, to the ban of plastic, to eco-friendly solutions, to women empowerment around the world, to children going to school and to look beautiful with a clean conscience and more money in your pocket in the long term. 

At Fairlytalle we are not only looking for customers, we are looking to build a community of people who wants to be the change they wish to see, even if they don't really know yet how to get there yet. We want to help, to raise awareness, to make sure information is being accurately spread so you can make a well informed decision. At Transparency is the base of our business and our core value. We need you to know about our Supply Chain, from A to Z. Where we buy from, what are the impacts, prices and costs breakdown, where is your money going to, etc... We worry about everything so you don't have to.

All of our products are certified Fair Trade, Organic or Recycled and we show you Who Made Your Clothes on the product description.

Become a Fairlytaller

We would love for you all to be a part of it. We want to listen to your concerns, to new issues some of you might have identified that we haven’t taken action yet, to your new and innovative ideas, or just exchanging experiences and spreading kindness.

We look forward to building a real strong community where we all feel a part of and trust that we are doing the best we can with what we have, improving as many lives as possible on the way. 

Leave a comment, write us a message, be a part of our instagram community, give us a call... Do it anyway you feel comfortable doing, but do it. Take the steps towards a world we are proud to live in. 

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