Our impact


At Fairly Store we make sure not only our products were made in an environmentally friendly but that the whole Supply Chain stays this way. 

We can promise you that:

Fairly Fabrics are developed considering what is best for the environment and your health, for that we use 100% organic cotton on most of the products. As much as polyester should be avoided, our sweaters need 15% of it for elasticity, they are of course made 100% out of recycled pet bottles. 

Fairly Inks are also thought to respect your health, the health of people manufacturing it and the environment. For that we use water based + eco-friendly and natural dyes as much as possible.

Fairly Packaging is of course plastic free! We also make sure we only use recyclable or recycled materials such as FSC certified paper (Forest Stewardship Council) and we ask our customers to make sure they recycle or reuse it once they've received their products.  

Fairly Products are handmade and therefore have very low emissions during production. Zero Waste production is one of our goals, for now we can guarantee that all efforts are being made to reach it and scraps are being re-used to develop new products, such as patchworks and small deco items. All of our suppliers  know how important it is to be sustainable throughout the entire process - from sourcing raw materials to delivering to customers. 

Everything is done in a way that respects the environment to its most but that also respects people.


We buy exclusively from manufactures that are socially responsible and are working under Fair Trade principles. Most of our Suppliers have several certifications from the most respected organisations, such as GOTS, Would Fair Trade Organisation and Fair Wear Foundation.

Our products are made in struggling communities in Africa and Asia, where every item sold, every extra penny, counts. Thanks to our amazing customers, Women in these countries are being provided with opportunities to become business owners, to learn new skills, to have a safe and comfortable work environment, to earn a fair salary that allows them to live a good life and to send their children to school.

All of this leads to the development and economic growth of these communities, having an impact not only on the lives of people working for slow and responsible fashion but on the ones of those around it. When one industry develops itself the whole community feels the positive impacts of extra income.   

When you buy Fairly you are not only buying high quality clothes for fair prices, you are also buying a positive change, opportunities for people who need and helping them help themselves through business and empowerment.