Wear Your Values With Style


Fairlytalle bases all of its actions on its 5 core values, these values are taken into account in every decision we make and they define us and our commitment. 

Women Empowerment

Women are undervalued in most developing countries (and in some developed as well!) and in several cultures and religions around the world. Besides unequal pay and prejudice, women can also be denied access to education and other basic rights, leaving them with no tools to fight for their rights, for equality or to simply be themselves. Our goal is to increase awareness along with the availability of business opportunities to women in these communities, creating a safe space, bringing knowledge and empowerment so they can stand up for themselves, for each other and for future generations. 



Create Development Opportunities

Roughly half the world’s population still lives on the equivalent of US$2 a day. The fashion Industry plays a massive role on this, creating opportunities in developing countries that do not offer decent, safe work most of the times. By supporting Fair-Trade practices and enforcing the development of entrepreneurship in vulnerable communities, we believe it will play a key role in ending modern slavery. We are a firm believer of Trade not Aid. Investing in education is the safest and most powerful way to assure a sustainable future for all.




Transparency and Accountability

One of our main goals is to eradicate the lack of transparency in the fashion industry Supply Chain by leading by example. At our customers will be provided reportings on our financial, social & environmental data, we will provide the break down of prices and the impacts of responsible fashion practices - you will know who made your clothes, where and how through our blog  page and instagram account. We want to dialogue with our stakeholders, work on improvement opportunities and find innovative solutions together.


Respect for the Environment

Climate change is now affecting every country in every continent. It is disrupting national economies and affecting lives, costing people dearly and the poorest and most vulnerable people are being affected the most. We take the respect of the environment extremely seriously and we are committed to only working with suppliers that follow strict conditions and are certified. We make sure production leaves zero to very low footprint and our packaging materials are carefully selected. We hope to soon have eco-friendly global transportation possibilities that take reasonable timing available in the market (we can't wait for solar planes to become a reality!). Respecting the environment means protecting all of us and  future generations.

Customer Satisfaction

We know we can't exist without our beautiful customers and we are so honoured to be able to provide such amazingly made products to you. We vouch to make sure people coming to our shop are happy with the products and services they find and we commit to always be there to listen to your experiences, good or bad, and make the best out of feedbacks so everyone can have a good time while wearing their values with style.



At Fairlytalle we believe business can be done and prosper in a way that doesn't hurt people or the environment.